Though majority of the bed frame options available are in wooden variants, the metal bed frames have advantages of their own. One of the best features of a metal bed frame is that it can go along with any theme of décor in the room. It will suit in a room with Victorian style furniture, a modern look or any other. A simple metal bed frame is what also comes along with a mattress and a bed spring purchase.

A metal frame has many advantages that include being light weight, easy to move around, they also require lesser maintenance and are free of troubles like termites, fungus, mold etc.

If you look around well, you will be able to find some of the best metal bed frames right here. Metal bed frames are available in a variety of options include size, style the material in which they are made and much more. Let us see some of their key features:

Size of the metal bed frame: As with any other bed frame options, it is important to buy a bed frame of the size that is corresponding to the size of your room, the size of your mattress. If you have a large spacious bedroom you can choose a metal bed frame that is large in size. But a smaller room will appear much cluttered with that, and will need a sleek size. You can choose from King Size bed frame, standard double bed frame, single bed frames, toddler bed frames and much more.

The material of the metal: Metal bed frames are available in many options of materials or combination of different materials. While some of them may be aesthetically appealing the others may be more useful in practical use. You can explore options like

Aluminum bed frame: These are light weight and hollow. These metal frames are some of the cheapest options available.

Iron Bed Frames: These may sometimes become very expensive. The design options in these may be limited but are strong and long lasting.

Brass Bed Frames: Brass is most commonly used in making the elaborate four poster bed frames.