Keep Those Concrete Floors Clean

Keep Those Concrete Floors Clean

Concrete floors are easy to maintain as any dirt or grime can be washed away with some soap and water. Since it is made to withstand any harsh chemicals, one need not worry much like with marble flooring. This is why concrete was the most preferred flooring material for outdoors and at factories.

Earlier, concrete was used in areas where the flooring had to be hard, cannot be maintained regularly and did not affect the aesthetic appeal of the area. This is why they were often used in garages, basements, etc where it does not affect the aesthetic appeal of the house. You can find concrete floors even in schools as one can never keep a place filled with children, clean at all times.

Though it requires very little maintenance, it is important to keep it clean nevertheless. Here are a few tips:

Routine Cleaning – no matter how easy it is to maintain a concrete floor, it needs to be swept and mopped regularly. This is not just to keep the floor clean looking but also to ensure the place is clean and is not filled with bacteria and other organisms that can affect one’s health.

Dry mopping will help clean all the dust and grime that tends to accumulate. Dry mopping these floors can be more challenging than dry mopping tiled flooring. This is because concrete is rougher on the surface and tends to trap more dust and dirt.

While wet mopping, it is important to choose mops for cleaning concrete floors. These will be more heavy duty than the mops that can be used on other floors. The mop is important to ensure the surface is wiped clean of any dirt. Though it will get dirty the next minute, one cannot leave it dirty.

Rugs – Use rugs and mats to cover the surface and prevent dirt accumulation. Vacuuming the rug once in a while can help keep the floor clean at all times.