Super useful tips to improve your home

The year is 2018 and the world is progressing at a breakneck speed towards a future where the resources we know so well may disappear. The onus is on us to get our act together and bring about some changes at the home front and reduce the carbon footprint that our air conditioners, computers, TVs, and vehicles create each day.

How can you become a responsible citizen of the planet? By being smart and becoming more energy efficient you can do your bit.

Let’s start with the gas stoves. Poorly maintained gas stoves are gas guzzlers. Make it point to always clean the stove tops with soap and water and dry with paper towels. Use a toothbrush to clean the burners and keep them free from spillages and food particles.

Next, tweak your thermostats. But to begin with, ensure that your house is well insulated and there are no energy leaks. According to the energy guidelines given out by most governments, the thermostat must be set back by 7-10F when you sleep and are away to prevent energy wastage. Otherwise, on a daily basis, it can be set at around 68F.

Change all old bulbs into more energy efficient models. You can change the lighting style and pattern to improve the ambiance of a room.

The other more creative improvement tips are:

  • Repaint a cabinet in bright colors of your choice
  • Rearrange the cabinets and shelves in a room and change the curtains
  • Bring in some indoor plants as they break the monotony of the room
  • You can choose to decorate a wall or stick wallpapers to enhance the look of the room
  • Add ornate handles and latches to perk up the look.

There are scores of ways to improve your home without spending a fortune; in fact, the best way to make ideal purchasing choices is to browse the internet for DIY projects and choose those that appeal to your sensibilities and skill set.