Here Is Some Coffee Trivia To Liven Up Your Day

Coffee is a savior:

Believe me guys this one cup in the morning can save the lives of so many people, including me! There is something enigmatic about having coffee the first thing when you wake up. Experts say that the kick that the caffeine gives to you r bloodstream is almost equivalent of three pegs of alcohol. Still, it is harmless because there are days when I can be weak in the knees thinking about the back to back herculean tasks that are lined up for me at home and work and then I have my regular (read large!J) cup of coffee and I feel like a superman!!

For coffee lovers only:

There is a cafeteria in every nook and corner but somehow we always reach for the one that one cafeteria where we always go. Why is that, have you wondered? I have done specific research on this subject and have come to realize that while the ambience of the café does make an impact on its customers and they always come back for the familiar environment. Then there are perks like free internet, friendly staff and discounts that bring patrons to the establishment.

But, the main point why coffee lovers come back to the same joint is because of the familiar taste of the coffee. You see, coffee drinkers do not like to mess around with the flavor that they like. They don’t like to experiment at all. And here we are talking about serious coffee drinkers.

How do cafes maintain consistency in their taste?

The cafes always buy their coffee beans in wholesale packs from dealers and whole-sellers. This ensures that they have the best price and also that the taste is consistently the same for the patrons who without any second thoughts drop in for their daily shots!