Read about the latest power inverter reviews

  1. AIMS Power Inverter (Reviews)

Generally, power inverter manufacturers boast of a longer lifetime. As per the details, the customers reviews about aims power inverter says that it is not up to the expectations of these manufacturers. A few customers reviews said that it started breaking down from a few weeks time to a few months time. This does not completely remove the reputation of the smaller brand that has been in the sector for almost ten years. Among other benefits, it outperforms the giant brands in excellent customer service and product reviews. To read reviews on power inverters, visit

  1. Targus Apv018Apz-52 Power Inverter (200 W)

The sleek design with promises to make the car owners happy with its cup – holder design. Features include built surge protection and is specially designed to fit in all the car makes and sizes. It has an unmatched power delivery for all smartphone appliances and other electronic consoles. Made in compact design it keeps fluctuations away. However, not suitable for customers who would like to have more than one USB port – 2.1A and delivers constant power 200W and peak power of up to 400W. As per other brands, it is remarkably affordable and good for a long while.

  1. Sunforce Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1000 Watt)

An affordable power inverter that takes 12V battery energy and can connect up to 2 electronic devices (in the 11240 model). It is a clean sine wave output delivering even power and can also be used for devices like computers, etc. It keeps gives power free of fluctuations but, when in use, it may cause interference with clocks, TV sets, or other electronic items disrupting functions. The sine wave power inverter delivers 2000W surge power & 1000 watts of continuous power. It is best if purchased along with a portable solar power panel or a battery charger controller.

  1. Energizer 1500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Comes in modern & sleek design and shape with two 2.1A USB ports that are okay to connect iPhone or iPad conveniently. You may also connect delicate electronic items like laptops, smaller tablets that require USB Charging. It has a small thermal fan that does not make too much noise, and only turns on when requires thereby saving on energy, so to combat other issues like overheating, etc. It does not give completely pure sine wave output but delivers 1500W of continuous modified sine power with up to 3000W of peak power. It gets wattage from a 12 Volt car battery changed to the DC to a 120 Volt AC.

  1. Xantrex PROwatt Sine Wave 1000 DC to AC Power Inverter

The super dynamic compact design  portable power supply is best to carry around as it is very light. This Direct current to alternative current PROWatt Sine Wave Power inverter delivers continuous power of 124V and surge SW of 2000 Watts. This is a good choice as it also has a digital read – out to let you know about the power stats. Even though the inverter comes with two separate outlets it is always better not to use both high – power pulling appliances at the same time.